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Washington COVID-19 Announcements

Iora is following the COVID-19 vaccine plans very closely. Our top goal is to help you get access to a vaccine as soon as possible. These email updates are our main way to get you the most updated information.  We will continue sending email updates when and if things change.

Find your vaccine:

New websites have been launched to help you find available vaccines. Click any of the links below to search. Enter your zip code to search available appointments to you. 

Mar 18, 2021 - Washington -  Lumen Event Center Large COVID-19 Vaccination Site Starting March 10

Lumen Event Center is now a mass vaccination site for Washington residents - with the ability to administer up to 5,000 shots a week. The goal is to be able to vaccinate 22,000 people a day, open 7 days a week. 

They ask to visit Seattle's COVID-19 website, and from there explain that you need to sign up for weekly vaccination updates. These notifications will contact you when appointments become available and then you will schedule your appointment. 

In the meantime, you can still visit the Vaccinate Washington website. You can put in your zip code to find appointments near you and check your eligibility. 

UW Scheduling Vaccine Appointments

University of Washington is now scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments for eligible people. To register call 844-520-8700 to join the vaccine appointment waitlist.


Mar 3, 2021 - Washington -  New Phases 

WA is currently in Phase 1B tier 1 of vaccine distribution. As of March 2, educators and licensed childcare workers are now part of Phase 1B-1. The vaccine is available to anyone 65 and older, and all people 50 and older who also live in a multigenerational household. This is in addition to populations eligible during phase 1A. Learn more about who gets the vaccine and when.

Phone assistance available
If you need language interpretation or can't use the online Phase Finder tool, the following hotlines are available:

  1. WA State COVID-19 Assistance hotline: 1-800-525-0127 or 1-888-856-5816 (then press #), 6am – 10pm Monday, 6am – 6pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
  2. King County COVID-19 Call Center: 206-477-3977, 8am – 7pm

For language interpretation, say your preferred language when connected.

King County

All appointments at Public Health’s Kent and Auburn Community Vaccination Sites are currently full, and these sites are unable to schedule new appointments at this time. Please continue to visit their page for updates.

As of March 1st, Public Health’s Kent and Auburn Community Vaccination Sites have expanded eligibility to include adults age 65 and older.

Pierce County community vaccine events

Pierce County continues to open more pop-up vaccination events. When they have more events, information (and registration) will be posted to this webpage. Below is the next event:

.Continue to check your county department of health website. They will have the most updated information:  Washington Department ofHealth COVID-19 


Patient Announcements

Please read the latest patient announcements regarding COVID-19. The most recent announcements are added at the top.