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Phoenix COVID-19 Announcements

Iora is following the COVID-19 vaccine plans very closely. Our top goal is to help you get access to a vaccine as soon as possible. These email updates are our main way to get you the most updated information.  We will continue sending email updates when and if things change.

Find your vaccine:

New websites have been launched to help you find available vaccines. Click any of the links below to search. Enter your zip code to search available appointments to you. 

Mar 11, 2021 - New Phase Descriptions

Things to Know:

Maricopa County expanded vaccine eligibility to adults 55 and older in all vaccine locations starting March 2nd.  Once about 55% of that population has been vaccinated, additional 1B groups will follow in prioritization. The county also announced new guidelines for essential workers who are currently eligible. You can view all currently eligible groups here.


Phoenix Area - COVID Vaccine Resources

Maricopa County: 

Pinal County: 

Phone registration: 

  • Call 211 (in-state) or 877-211-8661 (out of state) for help. The hours are 8am - 5pm local time.
  • Call 1-844-542-8201 for both English and Spanish-speaking operators through the Arizona Department of Health Services 

Transportation Assistance:

Many of the state-run POD vaccination sites are drive through locations. Iora’s ride share partners are not able to give rides to our patients for any of the drive through vaccination sites. If you have a drop off/pick up type of vaccination appointment and need travel help, please give us a call and we may be able to help you. 

The Valley of the Sun YMCA in Phoenix now provides free rides for seniors to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments in Maricopa County. You must be aged 65+ and have a vaccine appointment to qualify for a free ride.  Here is how you can schedule a ride:

  • Call the YMCA's Outreach Programs for Ahwatukee Seniors (YOPAS) at 602-212-6088
  • You can also email them [email protected] 

Patients that receive any care at the VA: 

Register here, the VA will contact you when you are eligible.

Additional Maricopa County groups offering assistance:

Some local groups are helping people struggling to access the vaccine. They can't guarantee that they can get someone to a vaccine appointment, but they are offering help if they can.

Smile on Seniors of Arizona is assisting people with online registration. They are also coordinating rides through a partnership with Envoy America. Smile on Seniors of Arizona can be reached at 602-492-7670 or [email protected]

Fresh Start is also assisting with online registration for seniors and/or their caregivers. They ask that you first fill out a short form on their website: Then they will call you for more information or to help set up an appointment.


Patient Announcements

Please read the latest patient announcements regarding COVID-19. The most recent announcements are added at the top.