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Carlyle Schlabach, MD


Carlyle has a lot of experience in family medicine and emergency medicine in different cultures and settings. He loves to serve people from many backgrounds and cultures.

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Carlyle Schlabach, MD

Background & Experience

  • Received MD from Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine Physician with experience in Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Haiti and the Navajo Nation
  • Completed Residency at St. Joseph's Medical Center in South Bend, Indiana
  • Special interests include global medicine, substance use disorder, geriatrics, holistic health
  • Speaks Spanish fairly well, becoming more fluent every day
  • Has developed programs and curriculum to teach physicians and nurses emergency medicine in global settings, such as Haiti and Africa

Caring for Patients at:

Indian School

3137 W Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85017

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