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A Health Care Solution We Can’t Afford to Ignore

August 29, 2018
78 percent of Americans choose primary care for better results and lower costs. Find out why.

A new approach to treating patients 65 years & older on Medicare

| April 18, 2018
"I came here because these people will listen to me," she says, a trusting bond with her health care providers.

WellCare TV Interview on Fox 61

October 23, 2017
Iora Primary Care was mentioned in WellCare's interview on Fox 61. Watch the video to learn more.

Putting an End to Pain

October 5, 2017
Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, sometimes so debilitating it causes both physical and emotional stress, affecting a person's overall quality of life.

McCarthy and Campbell celebrate unsung heroes

June 29, 2017
City Councilors Timothy McCarthy and Andrea Campbell recently hosted a Senior Appreciation Day at Iora Primary Care to honor five residents as unsung heroes.

Iora Primary Care is Shaking Up How Seniors are Treated

June 1, 2017
In a happy, sunlight room, six Mesa seniors gathered around a large table for a couple of hours of sharing and storytelling. There’s a former...
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