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Find a Physician That You Click With

November 21, 2018
Hear from one of our providers, Dr. Cheryl Jacobs, on the things seniors should keep in mind when looking for a new doctor.

New Doctor’s Office for People on Medicare Opens in Lawrenceville

November 21, 2018
Check out Iora in the Gwinnet Daily Post! Our Lawrenceville practice held a Grand Opening Ceremony where people from the community met our care team.

Importance of Primary Care Physicians

November 21, 2018
Good primary care is built on relationships, and you need to be able to trust your provider is going to be there for you. Hear more about how Dr. Reaves cares for patients.

The Importance of Finding a Primary Care Provider

November 21, 2018
Hear from Dr. Anibal Martinez from Iora Primary Care and learn one of the most important questions you should be asking your doctor.

Healthy and Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving! Check out the front page of today's Daily News Sun for some healthy holiday tips from Iora Primary Care provider Leslee Testa.

Iora Primary Care Opens in Tacoma and Puyallup, Serving Adults on Medicare

October 24, 2018
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