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Protein-Rich Recipes for Seniors

January 22, 2020
A well-balanced, protein-rich diet is crucial for seniors. Protein helps build muscle and so much more. We’ve developed a list of some of our favorite protein-packed and healthy recipes for you to enjoy.

Changing My Medicare Advantage Plan during Open Enrollment

January 16, 2020
Each year, you have two opportunities to change Medicare Advantage plans. During Open Enrollment Period (OEP), you can change your Medicare Advantage plan that you selected in the fall.

Best Protein-Rich Foods for Seniors

January 9, 2020
Protein is an essential nutrient for any well-balanced diet. Read on to learn why protein is important, especially for seniors, and what foods we recommend.

Strength Training for Seniors: The Benefits of Lifting Weights

December 19, 2019
Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, especially as we age. Strength training in particular has many health benefits, and is an important part of exercise to help seniors maintain proper health.

Exercise Equipment for Seniors

December 18, 2019
As we age, routine exercise becomes more important than ever for mobility, muscles and overall health. With endless equipment options, we’ve picked some of the best exercise equipment for seniors.

Best Foods for People with Diabetes

December 4, 2019
As one of the most common diseases in adults aged 60-65, understanding diabetes and how it impacts your diet is crucial for good health. Learn about the foods you should (and shouldn’t) incorporate in your diet.
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