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“You are Healthcare Angels!”
-Caregiver of an Iora Patient

Iora’s mission is to restore humanity to healthcare, but transforming healthcare takes an entire community. This is a story of a family, a caring social worker at a senior center, a skilled insurance broker and all the members of the Iora Primary Care team in Seattle’s Central District.

Molly was anxious about finding a quality primary care doctor for her mother, Patricia. Patricia is active at their local senior center and one of the social workers there heard of Patricia and Molly’s dilemma. The social worker knew about the excellent care that Iora Primary Care provides thanks to a visit from one of Iora’s Patient Enrollment Leaders, Maddie. The social worker suggested to Molly that she and her mother should get in touch with the clinic and find out for themselves if it was a fit.

Molly quickly called Iora and spoke with Amelia, the patient enrollment coordinator. Amelia spent 45 minutes on the phone with Molly answering all her questions and scheduling a tour of Iora for Molly and her mother. Molly also had lots of questions about insurance and so Amelia connected her with Stephanie, the Agent of the Day in the clinic that day.

On the day of Patricia and Molly’s tour, Amelia and the operations assistants, Lakia and Ellie, were there to greet them at the door when they arrived. Although the clinic was quite busy that day, each clinic team member that they passed on the tour gave a wave and a big smile to Patricia and Molly. After the tour, Patricia and Molly were in agreement that Iora was the best fit and their new broker, Stephanie, enrolled Patricia in a Humana Medicare Advantage plan.

While Patricia, Molly and Amelia were chatting after the tour, Dr. Carroll Haymon, stopped by and met the two women, answered questions, especially those that Molly had for her. After Dr. Haymon left them, the Clinic Team Manager, Rose, who had met them earlier stopped by to meet with them and make them feel welcome.

As they were leaving, Molly turned to Amelia and said, “I’m in disbelief that all this is real. This is a prayer answered. You are healthcare angels!”

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