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3 Reasons to Work with a Local Health Insurance Agent

Medicare is a complex system and the number of Medicare plans available to patients can sometimes feel overwhelming! Add to that plans change annually, meaning the plan that was the “right fit” for you when you first aged into Medicare might not be the right fit a few years later. 

How, then, can you best set yourself up for success? Work with a local health insurance agent.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should work with a local health insurance agent: 

1. A local Medicare insurance agent can be an invaluable resource. They will know the options that are available in your county. They are trained on the plan changes each year and can help make sure you are on the best plan for your needs. They can be a resource for you throughout the year. A good agent will be there for you beyond enrolling in a plan the first time.

2. Local Medicare insurance agents are a key part of the Iora team! We love it when our patients have a local health insurance agent because we know a local agent is an extra layer of support. 

3. When you work with a local health insurance agent, you are supporting your local community and in some cases, a local small business. 


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