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The region you selected has transitioned to One Medical Seniors. Although our name has changed, you’ll get the same great care. Click below to be redirected to the One Medical Seniors website.

Office update 

Our offices in Arizona, Colorado & Washington have officially moved over to One Medical Seniors. Although our name has changed, you’ll get the same great care you expect from Iora at the same convenient office. To learn more or get care, click the link below to be redirected to the One Medical website. Please note — is only available in English at this time. 

Becoming One Medical Seniors: We’re in the process of bringing Iora Primary Care into the One Medical family.

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Do You Have Your Plan to Vote Safely This Election?

With all that’s going on with COVID-19, Iora Primary Care wants to make sure our patients can vote in a safe and healthy way if they’re able to in this election. 

Voting is our best form of civic engagement and how we can shape health-related factors like housing, education, transportation and social determinants of health. Voting is one way that you can let our leaders know what is or is not working for you and we want you to exercise this opportunity to have your voice heard. 

We have cared for patients whose primary issue was not medical. The social determinants of health are largely set by local, state, and national decisions and leaders. We view it as part of our professional responsibility to include patient voices in those decisions. It will make your and our lives easier if people had the resources they need and we could focus on their health care.

At Iora Primary Care, we want our patients and team members to be able to vote in the upcoming election in a safe and healthy way. Over 46 million have cast their votes already – not just for their own benefit, but for the collective health of our nation. Early voting has begun in many of our states!  

We are partnering with, a multidisciplinary organization committed to healing our broken health system, one vote at a time. Iora patients: are you ready to vote in the upcoming election? Make a plan to vote safely:

Text 'VOTE HEALTH" to 3444 to double check your voter registration

We want to make sure that you have every opportunity to have your vote heard, whether in your local community or on the national stage.

Many of us at Iora Primary Care are voting for you and your health, and for all of our patients. We strongly encourage you to support us and our colleagues in healthcare by making sure to vote this fall. As your doctors, we can’t advise you on who to vote for. But regardless of who you support, we think it’s vital we all make our voices heard by voting.

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