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Tech Literacy for Seniors: Tips for Learning New Technology

Nowadays, technology improves more and more each day. New smartphones, tablets, and other technology like virtual reality, are constantly changing. Even computers are constantly being upgraded for improvements and performance. While the devices themselves are impressive, it can be rather difficult to learn new technology. 

Like with most learning experiences, there will certainly be obstacles and challenges. But, technology provides us with a way to connect and be productive like never before. This is just one of the many benefits when you learn new technology.

Below, we review seven of our best tech tips for adults learning new technology. With these tips, you will understand how to learn new technology and how to stay focused. Practice makes perfect, and learning requires patience.

1. Accept That It Will Be Uncomfortable

An elderly woman wearing a wedding ring is seen typing on a laptop

Any time we are met with a new learning experience, there are bound to be challenges ahead. To learn new technology, accept that this process might get uncomfortable at times. If you allow yourself the space to make mistakes and acknowledge challenges, then the learning process will be much easier.

Your grandkids may seem like tech wizards. But, it too took them time to learn new technology. From basic computer skills for seniors to device tutorials, understand learning these new tools may come with some obstacles.

2. Be Patient and Don’t Doubt Yourself

An elderly woman in a striped shirt is seen with her hand covered her mouth & chin in confusion as she sits in front of a computer

Patience is one of the most important tech tips for adults learning new technology. As we just mentioned, you need to allow yourself to have difficulty learning these tools. That also means you should never doubt yourself. These tools are designed to help everyone, therefore these tools can be learned by anyone.

Remind yourself that you may run into obstacles, but you will not let them discourage you. Give yourself time to learn new technology. With patience, you will place much less pressure on yourself to learn.

3. Set Reasonable Goals

An older woman is seen sitting up in bed with a laptop in her lap and checking her smart watch

When it comes to learning basic computer skills for seniors, it can feel like there is a lot to cover. It can be overwhelming. But, to learn new technology, you should divide your learning into reasonable, attainable goals.

A good model for setting goals is the S.M.A.R.T. model. These are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound goals. For instance, one of the basic computer skills for seniors is creating and saving documents. You can set your goal up as so:

I want to create and save three separate documents in one week.

This goal is realistic. When you bind yourself to a timeframe, it helps to remind you of your goal and stick to it. 

4. Learn New Technology With a Friend

Two women are seen sitting on a couch and looking at a laptop

Two heads are better than one, and who wouldn’t want to learn new technology with their best buddy. Friends and loved ones can help you understand how to learn new technology. But, it’s mutual. You can share your learning with friends and get more and more people connected.

Learning technology with friends is a great way to stay accountable. When you hold yourself and others to goals, then everyone benefits from the learning experiences. To learn new technology, seek out the company of your friends.

5. Ask for Professional Guidance

A younger man is seen teaching an older man to use the computer

Of course, no one is better equipped to show you how to learn a new technology than the pros. If you have the income, you can set up private lessons and meetings with instructors. Or, asked a friend or loved one if they know anyone who can show you how to learn new technology.

Professionals can provide the tools, all you have to do is reach out. Here is a searchable directory for teachers. Just type in what you want to learn, and the website does the rest.

6. Online Resources on How To Learn a New Technology

Two people are seen looking at a chart on a mobile app

For one of our last tech tips for adults learning a new technology, consult the internet and its unlimited access to information. Plenty of websites like YouTube have visual guides to learn new technology.

There are plenty of free resources. Often, these tutorials are made by trained professionals! If you can’t afford to hire a professional, then online learning is an excellent option. These tutorials teach you how to learn new technology and use software like Microsoft office and even your internet browser.

7. Have Fun!

An older couple are seen wearing VR headsets with their arms lifted and their faces smiling

This tip is perhaps the most important. Learning anything is not fun unless you allow yourself to make it so! Look for fun ways to challenge yourself while you learn new technology. Like we mentioned, you can set goals for yourself and set up fun rewards for completing those goals.

The technology itself is meant to be fun-to-use, so keep that in mind when learning. You can play games and connect with friends when you learn how to use the internet. Or, you can write stories or start a journal when using Microsoft Word. The possibilities for fun are endless. All you have to do is permit yourself to have fun while learning!

With our tech tips for adults learning a new technology, you will be able to learn basic computer skills for seniors and so much more. Ultimately, these tools provide you with connectivity and productivity. You may discover plenty of new activities and experiences with technology. Remember to have fun with it!

Learning a new technology is not easy, but a great skill for seniors. At Iora, we believe that we can provide patients with the information and tools they need to empower themselves. This applies to the whole patient, everything from mental to physical wellbeing.

Now that you’ve got these tech tips for adults learning new technology, learn how you can use technology to stay connected with your grandchildren.

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