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6 Muscle-Boosting Strength Training Exercises for Seniors

July 9, 2020
Strength training is a great way to maintain mobility and prevent future injuries. Here, we go over some of the best exercises to get you started.

Strength Training for Seniors: The Benefits of Lifting Weights

June 16, 2020
Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, especially as we age. Strength training, in particular, has many health benefits, see why.

4 At-Home Standing Exercises Seniors Should Do Every Day

June 11, 2020
Regular physical activity is the key to healthy living and independence as we age. Check out these exercises for seniors that keep you on the move.

9 Chair Exercises Every Senior Should Know

February 26, 2020
As our bodies age, exercise may become increasingly difficult due to limited mobility, balance and more See how chair exercises are a great option...

9 Simple and Important Stretching Exercises for Seniors

February 4, 2020
Aging can take a toll on the body, but stretching is a great way to reduce aches, loosen up muscles and relax your joints Here are nine of our...

Water Aerobics for Seniors: 12 Pool Exercises You Can Do

August 26, 2019
As we age, pain may limit us from normal activities However, pool exercises are a wonderful way to stay fit and active because it's easy on our...