The Impact of a Smile: A Patient Story


We know how important it is to find a primary care provider who listens, especially as we get older. Listen to real Iora patients talk about their experience in this video.



Mark, Iora Primary Care Clinical Team Manager: A lot of times when people go to medical facilities they feel drained, they feel negative, you should be lifted up so that when you go home you feel better, not anxious.

Mark, Iora Primary Care Patient: When I go down there I am met first of all with a bunch of smiling faces. You walk in the door, they know who you are when you get there. 

Whoever’s sitting at the desk says, Mark, good to see you!

Michelle Gravalos, NP: And I remember my first week here, I was like, everybody’s so nice and it was genuine.

Sharmilla, Iora Primary Care Patient: All the staff are friendly, always welcoming and happy.

Bonnie, Iora Primary Care Patient: I’m a caring person and I like to have people caring about me as well, and they just do a good job of reminding me that I’m important.

Micah, Iora Primary Care Patient: Wow, you make me feel warm and fuzzy, and I love that, you know.


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