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Meet James—A Patient Who Walks the Walk, Literally

In our last blog post we explained what team-based primary care is and how it can help patients lead healthier lives. To better illustrate the impact of a care team, we asked one of our patients to share his story. Meet James. During his time at Iora Primary Care and with the help of his care team, James has made amazing, healthy changes. When James first came to us, he was overweight, had poorly controlled diabetes, and high blood pressure. In the past three years, he’s lost almost 30 pounds, gotten his diabetes under control, and brought his blood pressure to a normal range. He looks and feels great, and is even growing his own fruits and vegetables! Below James’ care team talks with him about his perspective on his health care journey.

How has Iora changed your perspective on health?

James: They have encouraged me to walk more. It was hard to get back into exercise, but my care team encouraged me to do it by asking about what I like. Water soothes me, so I decided to walk by Lake Washington to get my exercise. Now I try to always stay on the move, always go someplace and do something every day. My energy has improved, and not that I didn’t feel good before—but now I feel great.

What health tips do you have that you want to share with others?

James: Walking has been one of the best things for my health. I don’t have a car, so I walk everywhere. I walk 3 miles, 3 days a week. I can also go to the gym with SilverSneakers as a part of my Medicare Advantage plan. There, I can walk on the treadmill or take a cycling class. Also, now I keep 10 lb weights around the living room, so that I am always doing something, when I am watching television and commercials come on I can just pick up those weights and stay moving!

What is your favorite quote?

James: Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Would you recommend Iora Primary Care to a friend or family member?

James: Yes! The difference is the time and patience every single staff member has. If you have a problem, they are there for you. For example, one of my family members was temporarily living with me and it was stressing me out. I talked to my care team about it and they arranged for a visit with the Behavioral Health Specialist on staff. I tried the things he suggested, and it really worked!

They also listen to each individual need. They didn’t suggest something to me like a vitamin supplement just because everyone else is taking a supplement, they listened to what worked for me and my body.

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