Iora Primary Care Spotlight: Meet Dr. Casey Henritz

At Iora Primary Care, you get a team that listens and an important part of the team is your primary care provider. At Iora, we know that care built on strong relationships can help keep you happier and healthier.

Today, we met a member of the Iora care team, Dr. Casey Henritz. Below, she shares more about her philosophy of care, how she partners with her patients and what she does for fun.


What brought you to Iora Primary Care?  

“I was drawn to Iora’s team and valued based approach to care. I loved the idea of treating patients in a setting that allowed us to care for them mind, body and spirit.”  


How is working at Iora different than other places?

“At Iora I have a team that works with me to meet patients where they are and learn what factors are impacting their health. Working together with the patient and their Health Coach, we can help achieve the patient’s health goals. Health Coaches are the backbone of our practices and they bring an amazing energy to caring for our patients.”


Do you have a story that you can share about how a close relationship with a patient impacted their health or care?  

“A patient came to us with severe anxiety and depression related to family issues. They were also thinking about suicide.  It was causing them to overeat, which made their issues with obesity worse. We were able to talk through their concerns in the first visit and their Health Coach set up a plan. The Health Coach reached out via scheduled phone calls and emails, teaching mindfulness techniques and stress management. The patient followed up about a month later and their anxiety and depression had significantly improved without medication! Their diet was also better and they had lost several pounds. Over the next few months the patient continued to work with me and the Health Coach and was able reverse their pre-diabetes, all without medication!”


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“There are several parts that come to mind. I love working with Health Coaches. Seeing how they connect with patients and how they can use this relationship to impact their care and overall health is amazing. The time that Iora allows for patient care whether it be in person, by phone, email, text or video call is very rewarding. It lets me connect and know my patients better than any other role I’ve had. It feels like practicing primary care the way it should be done.”


What do you do for fun?  

“I enjoy hiking, surfing and paddle boarding. I also love eating new foods and traveling as much as I can!”


What’s an interesting fact about you?  

“The county I grew up in West Virginia has no stop lights or fast food restaurants.”


Dr. Henritz is now accepting new patients! To learn more or schedule an appointment, click the button below: