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How My Doctor’s Office Helped Me Check Off Something on My Bucket List

What kind of doctor’s office helps patients check things off their personal bucket lists? Iora Primary Care does. This blog post was submitted by a patient named Elsie who wanted to share her personal experience on what it’s like to be a patient at Iora:

“Two years ago, I found myself in search of a new doctor––after learning about Iora Primary Care at an information table outside of my local pharmacy, I stopped by Iora for an open house event and was met with something that completely changed my view of doctor’s offices; it was a gut feeling but I knew that everyone I met was real, that they cared, and that they saw me beyond myself to know what I needed for my health and wellbeing.

I started to see Dr. Nancy and my Health Coach, Jennifer, regularly. I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety and started working with Jennifer on how to address my panic attacks. One day, Dr. Nancy came into the room and asked me something unexpected: “I’m sensing some guilt behind what you’re saying,” she said. “Do you feel guilty for something, Elsie?”

As the matriarch of my family, who had suffered through an emotionally abusive relationship with my ex-husband while simultaneously bringing up eight beautiful children and attending nursing school, I had never allowed myself to put ME first. I often felt like I needed to hide who I was and what I looked like after all the years of being told I was “ugly” or that “no one cared about me”. Overall, I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Dr. Nancy and Jennifer listened to my story and over the coming months, we began to work on my confidence. I started to get out of the house more by attending events and classes at Iora where I made new friends. I also participated in Health Coaching sessions with Jennifer in which I learned visualization techniques to calm my anxiety, while working with Nancy on anything medical I needed.

Iora Primary Care Patient Elsie and her health coach Jennifer

One day, out of the blue, Jennifer called me and said, “We have an opportunity for one of our patients to be on camera to speak about their experience at Iora and I thought of you!”

Being on camera was something I had always wanted to do. “Sure. I’m in,” I responded without thinking twice. A few days later, I found myself in front of a camera crew, talking about Iora and feeling like no one could tell me that I couldn’t do something I wanted to do ever again. I checked the dream of being on camera off my bucket list that day.

Today, I find myself more connected to my children, more adventurous, and more confident than ever. I thank Iora for helping me get here, but I also thank myself for taking the necessary steps to live my happiest life at the age of 75. Everyone’s story is different and the Iora Primary Care team recognized that, listened to learn what I needed, and helped me get to where I am today.

So what’s next on my bucket list? I am going to drive an 18-wheeler truck and NO ONE is going to stop me.”

This story was contributed by Elsie, Iora Primary Care patient.

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