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Our offices in Arizona, Colorado & Washington have officially moved over to One Medical Seniors. Although our name has changed, you’ll get the same great care you expect from Iora at the same convenient office. To learn more or get care, click the link below to be redirected to the One Medical website. Please note — is only available in English at this time. 

Becoming One Medical Seniors: We’re in the process of bringing Iora Primary Care into the One Medical family.

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Healthy Diet Tips: Eating Clean & Green As We Age

In past generations, diets were targeted toward the working class of labor intensive farmers and industrial workers. To offset these hard days of work, people consumed large portions and carb heavy meals. This diet worked well for them, but has been engrained in our culture ever since. Our jobs and lifestyles are now more sedentary, yet we continue to see processed foods line the shelves of grocery stores (such as breads, cereals, pastries, pastas, and microwave meals). Grocery stores featuring these types of foods make it especially confusing for older adults who hope to maintain a healthy outlook.

Did you know that as we age diet becomes our number one defense to manage or prevent chronic disease and promote better health? To simplify things we recommend following the advice of nutritionist, Michael Pollan*: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Here are some other helpful tips to follow when deciding what to eat:

  • Try to avoid foods with more than five ingredients, with ingredients you can’t pronounce, or that contain high-fructose corn syrup (which serves as a ‘marker’ indicating that the food is overly processed)
  • Cooking for yourself or learning to cook for yourself, rather than eating out, can lead to a healthier lifestyle
  • Eat only food that your great, great grandmother would recognize as food

Want to take your nutrition to the next level? At Iora Primary Care, we sit down with patients and help them establish healthy eating goals and plans to work toward those goals. For example, Iora Primary Care patient, John, approached his doctor about wanting to lose 10 pounds so he could play outdoors with his grandchildren without feeling winded; the Iora care team helped him find a healthy food regimen with foods he enjoyed eating, looked at onsite, free exercise classes he might be interested in, and figured out a safe walking route near his home. John’s Health Coach checked in with him monthly via phone and whenever he attended classes, to track progress and help John as he lost 10 pounds. Learn how your primary care doctor can help you find a balance with healthy eating that best fits your health needs and goals by visiting:

*Dr. Weil Diet and Nutrition

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