Doc Talk – Questions Your Doctor Wants You to Ask


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Hello everyone. My name is Doctor Andrew Schutzbank from Iora Primary Care. And we’d like to talk today about the questions that we as doctors wish you would ask us. So today’s question is: “Doc! Why am on all these medicines?”

So as you know, you spend enough time in the medical system, seeing doctors, going from place to place – people start prescribing medicines; medicines for pain, medicines for blood pressure, medicines for diabetes, and every other condition under the sun. It’s one of the marvels we have today of modern medicine, we can treat lots of things.

But, the longer you go and the more time you spend with doctors, medicines keep getting added and added and added. And sometimes, they don’t get taken away.

One of the most important things you can do is each and every time you see any of your doctors, but especially your primary care doctor, is bring your medicine bottles with you. That’s right! Take a plastic bag, or a coffee can, or anything you’d like, and pile all the medicine bottles in that you have at home. Whether you’re taking them or used to be taking them – whatever it is – and bring them in.

There’s actually no more helpful way than for us to know exactly what you’re on and find opportunities for us to get rid of medicines you don’t need, stop medicines that could be hurting you, stop medicines that interact with one another, and really just learn about how you’re taking care of your health.

So, when it doubt, bring your medicines with you and always keep asking your doctor questions that are important.

Remember, we ought to be able to tell you why you’re on every single medicine. And if not, you either need a new medicine, or you need a new doctor. Thanks everyone! Take care.