4 Tips to Help Seniors Manage Holiday Stress Holistically


Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays are a busy time of year. Jam-packed schedules can be lots of fun, but also stressful and hard to manage. Here are some tips to handle holiday stress:

Reach out if you’re feeling lonely or isolated

You’re never alone! Seek out your care team for additional help if you need it.

Keep on track with your health goals…

But a little tummy temptation never hurts! The holidays are often coupled with many yummy “temptations”. Small deviations from your normal health routine are well within reason and expectation. Work to keep your end goals in mind and do your best to limit your portion sizes. Remember, denying yourself certain foods often leads to cravings and overeating – small portions are the key to continued success and staying on course with your fitness and weight objectives.

Take a breath

This time of year is often rushed. Taking a breath or some time to yourself allows you to enjoy the little moments, stress free.

Stick to a Budget

If you are buying gifts, stick to a budget – that way you know how much you’re spending overall and there won’t be any surprises down the road.

Happy holidays from Iora Primary Care!