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Meet Arnie: A Holocaust Survivor Who Made America His Home

May 22, 2020
Arnie’s story of strength and perseverance as a Holocaust survivor and his journey as a WWII refugee to America inspire us.

Meet Peggy: She Kept Trying and Quit Smoking

May 19, 2020
Meet Peggy, a recent former smoker. With Peggy’s drive and the support of her Iora doctor and Health Coach, she hasn’t smoked in 7 months.

Meet Linda T: Back On Her Feet: Bilateral Leg Fracture Recovery

May 15, 2020
Seven years ago Linda T. underwent bilateral leg fracture recovery. She had to learn how to walk all over again. Hear her inspiring story of strength.

Meet Julie: Polish Refugee from WWII & A Survivor

May 14, 2020
It’s not every day you hear first-hand refugee stories from WWII. Julie had to grow up all too fast as a child refugee fleeing Poland. Hear her story.

Meet DouVena: A Lifetime of Public Service

May 12, 2020
Meet DouVena. A mother. A wife. A cancer survivor. A psych caseworker. A precinct judge. A lifetime of public service. Hear her story.

Meet Mary Jane: A Nurse’s Story of 43 Years

May 11, 2020
We are closing out National Nurses Week with nurse stories from Iora’s very own, Mary Jane, RN—a team nurse from our CT office. Hear her story.

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