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Category: Healthy Aging

Stay Cool: 5 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

July 7, 2020


To get the most out of this beautiful summer weather, stay informed with our summertime safety tips for older adults.

Get Connected: 4 Long-Distance Grandparenting Ideas

June 1, 2020


Use these long-distance grandparenting ideas to stay involved and active in your grandchildren’s lives.

How to Sleep Better at Night: 10 Healthy Sleep Habits

May 1, 2020


A good night’s sleep relies on a consistent routine to help you wind down, which is why we’ve put together 10 tips for how to sleep better at night.

Sleep Tips For Seniors: How To Get a Restful Sleep

April 8, 2020


Changes to our sleep pattern are normal as we age and many have sleep problems. Learn about better sleep for older adults and how to overcome elderly insomnia.

Learn How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

January 28, 2020


Whether it is exercise, sleep or diet, there are many simple ways to ensure you maintain blood sugar levels at a healthy standard.

Is Your Community Age-Friendly?

August 22, 2018


“Age-friendly” communities support the physical and emotional health of a community throughout their life and adapt to the changing needs of members as they age. Read on to find out if your community is “age-friendly”.