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Common Myths About Medicare Advantage

November 22, 2017
As a primary care doctor’s office with the majority of our patients on a Medicare Advantage plan, we want to help dispel common myths you may have heard about Medicare Advantage.

Psychologist’s Tips to Overcome Holiday Depression

November 16, 2017
Holidays can be a time when grief, family disputes, financial stressors, and transitions trigger depressive symptoms. Read more to learn about the why and tips to fight off holiday depression.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention When You’re 65+

October 27, 2017
For women over the age of 65, breast cancer awareness can include such actions like getting a screening mammogram. Here are guidelines from our primary care team.

Ways to Save Money When You’re 65 & Older

October 24, 2017
Once you turn 65, you are often able to take advantage of numerous savings programs. Read more to learn about ways to save money.

6 Doctor Recommended Vaccines for Seniors

October 18, 2017
What are the common vaccines that doctors recommend older adults get? How often should they get them? What are the common side effects? We're here to help answer these questions and more.

What are the early signs of dementia?

September 28, 2017
Learn the early signs of dementia and how to test your memory from the comfort of your own home.
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