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3 Ways to Improve Your Health by Taking Care of Your Community

March 28, 2017
Did you know that it’s been proven that the more socially connected a community is, the better the health of older adults in that community tends to be?

Iora Primary Care Spotlight: Patient Connections

March 22, 2017
Many look at healthcare as just procedures and check-ups; but what if healthcare also included making positive social connections?

Healthy Diet Tips: Eating Clean & Green As We Age

February 27, 2017
Diet is critical for older adults to maintain their health. Check out nutritionist's healthy diet tips to learn how to eat clean and green as we age.

Hard Conversations from the Heart

February 7, 2017
It's difficult to express our thoughts and feelings when they are negative. Learn how to have a hard conversation without creating more conflict.

5 Causes of Caregiver Burnout & Fatigue

February 1, 2017
Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. Reduce stress and prevent caregiving burnout by learning more about where the stress comes from.

Are You Using an EMR to Improve Your Health Care?

January 17, 2017
Have you heard of Electronic Medical Record system? Iora Primary Care designs our own EMR to help patients improve their primary care experience. Learn more.
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