5 Doctor’s Tips for At-Home Diabetes Self Management


We’re sharing some tips to help with at-home diabetes self-management. Whether you have prediabetes, type 1 or type 2, check out these useful tips to help you stay on track with healthy habits and blood sugar improvement:

Consistently monitor your blood sugars 

Checking your blood sugar often, at different times throughout the day, can give you more information to help manage your diabetes. Refer to the next tip for a suggestion on how to keep track.

Keep a record

It’s hard to notice trends if you don’t keep a record of your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. Write down your blood sugar levels in a notebook so you can track them over a period of time. Maybe you’ll notice that the hamburger you ate made your blood sugar level spike…noticing these details and working to change your habits can lead to a healthier you over time.

Involve your family/friends

Your family and friends can help you create and stick to a routine. Let them in on how you’re working toward a healthier you, so that they can get on board with the changes you’re making. If you think it will be helpful, ask someone to come with you to one of your next doctor appointments so they can help even more.

Take it slow

Don’t expect results to happen all at once. Slow changes and sticking to your routine allow you to get used to the changes happening in your body. By making too many changes at once, you run the risk of falling into old habits. Instead, try one change at a time. For example, if you weren’t exercising before, try walking for 30 minutes once or twice a week. From there, you can increase how much you exercise.

Demand more from your primary care team

Your doctor and care team are there to support you with your diabetes management goals. Your health is their job, so talk to them about helping you meet your goals. Do you have questions or concerns about how to manage your diabetes? Schedule an appointment, explain what you want to work on and talk about your options with them.

Iora Primary Care offers various classes to help older adults better manage their chronic diseases, including diabetes. Our classes are free and open to the public. To see the event schedule, please visit our practice website.