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The Live Better Blog

Our blog featuring tips and guidance focused on the needs of older adults.

Best Protein-Rich Foods for Seniors

July 15, 2021


Protein is an essential nutrient for any well-balanced diet. Read on to learn why protein is important, especially for seniors, and what foods we recommend.

8 Tips for Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

July 9, 2021


Hiring a caregiver for in-home help for your senior loved one may seem daunting. Follow these tips to help you navigate the process of finding the right caregiver.

Anemia in Older Adults: What Seniors Need To Know

June 24, 2021


Anemia is a common condition faced by many seniors. Learn about the types of anemia, symptoms, risk factors and preventive measures.

Video Doctor Visits: Everything You Need to Know

June 3, 2021


Everything you need to know about virtual care: how it works, benefits, coverage, questions and how to prepare.

9 Simple and Important Stretching Exercises for Seniors

May 25, 2021


Aging can take a toll on the body, but stretching is a great way to reduce aches, loosen up muscles and relax your joints. Here are nine of our favorites that will keep you active and healthy.

Is an Active Retirement Community Right for You?

May 20, 2021


Active retirement communities are an attractive option for seniors seeking a vibrant social life and plenty of activities. Learn more about these unique communities.